Monthly Archives: November 2016

A hair-breadth escape



A few days back, my spouse had a dream seeing, “The contents of our refrigerator with open doors being picked up by eagles, crows, and other birds. Meanwhile, my late mother comes and asks her to distribute tahri”- rice cooked with turmeric and usually distributed as a charity to avoid a catastrophe or for having escaped from a misfortune. Since our kitchen was under renovation the wish could not be fulfilled, instead, some money was distributed among some poor people.

Next day morning I left my home with Dr. Shuja who was to attend his duties in the hospital. He was driving his Chevrolet car. On covering a kilometer, we were advised not to follow the usual route as some disturbance was reported to be there. We picked up another person who was on his way to the hospital. After covering a kilometer we tracked a link road leading to our hospital road. All traffic was moving to and fro in the normal manner. Just before reaching another three-way junction, we found a procession of over thousand angry boys carrying the dead body of a youth ascribed to have been killed by armed forces. The youth were pelting stones on vehicles finding these as soft targets, irrespective of the consideration that the inmates of the vehicles may get injured. It was all aimless action inviting serious criticism of the resistance movement. The vehicles in front of us chose to rush through the left track but were followed by the stone pelters. We stopped to re-trace, but alas! there was a fleet of cars behind us who too were targeted with stones. We being at the forefront were worst hit. I was witness to four bricks striking against front windscreen that got splintered and bent. Meanwhile, the person sitting at our back ran out and escaped scot free. The boys attacked from all sides with bricks in their hands. With window glasses broken the bricks landed inside our car. It was risky to come out of the car as the flying stones and bricks could strike one’s head and the body causing instantaneous death or severe injury. One of the boys jumped on the roof of the car and started pounding it with his feet. Meanwhile, we managed to get down the car, crying we are doctors, for which these boys intoxicated with revenge did not bother. It all seemed to be an aimless reaction with no direction. It was not understood what the fun of attacking one’s own people was. Perhaps vehicles are found to be soft targets, but attacking their own people is going to defeat the very purpose of the resistance movement. Many such incidents have occurred when innocent people caught in the surprise traps had fatal injuries. We continued to remain in the shock of the incident for many days thereafter.