The Caves of Kashmir (Ref. Tarikh-i-Hassan)


The Caves of Kashmir (Ref. Tarikh-i-Hassan)

  • Munda Cave:

It is a typical cave, in Pargana Shahabad, which lies towards south from Doru town at a distance of 3 miles in village Munda adjacent to Banihal mountain. While entering the cave through its mouth, with torches, there are two paths inside, one leading towards left and is very dreadful. It is very difficult to foot it. The second path leading straight has niche, with a wonderful spring in its middle, from which water flows out through the mouth of the cave. The water is sweet, tasty and cool. The drops of water  always trickle down continuously from the roof of the niche which freezes due to coldness of the place. People taste it like sugar and vegetables. The notion of historians, that icycles, when extracted out of cave turn into stones is absolutely wrong.

  • Aare Rai Cave:

It is a famous cave which lies in Bomazoo village of Mattan Pargana at the foot of the karewa on its north side. No one has been able to see its interior. Its width is 5 yards and height is less than 4 yards. Around the cave are small cells, the prayer houses of Rishis. One of the cells has a grave like structure, the entire cave is the dwelling place for bats and it is very difficult to enter the cave due to foul smell.

Haidar Malik Chadoora, in his historical accounts records, that he alongwith a party of 12 persons went inside the cave for investigation. Each person was provided with a lamp and onw ser of oil. Between each lamp holder a distance of one arrow was maintained. When they crossed the passage, they reached near a dome, which was 20 yards in height and 50 yards in circumference. There I noticed four passages The path towards right was circling like a snake, a passage was towards left and one path was leading upwards and forwards and ending downwards. Nobody had the courage to follow these routes but a stone was rolled downalong the downward path to observe what is inside. The sound of rolling stone was ringing for about one hour. Besides water trickled down from roof of dome and the land was laden with moisture. In the meantime it was informed that there was little oil left for the lamps, and therefore we had to retreat from the same route.

According to Hassan, the Raja Area Rai famous as Sandiman, abdicated his throne and donning a dear skin went inside the lane, but never returned from the cave. That is why the cave is referred as Area Rai cave. Later on Raja Ranadit accompanied by his Rani, entered this cave, but there was notrace about their life.

  • Amarnath Cave:

Lying in the mountains of Pargana Dachinpora towards east, there is a unique cave measuring 50 yards in length and width respectively with a height of 35 yards. Snow and ice in varied colours is formed there since ancient times and is not exposed to the sun rays. Quoting the historians of Kashmir, water drops trickle down from the roof  of the cave and like the tides of oceans, the trickling droplets from the roof freeze in moonlight in a corner of the cave. Pandits refer the mass of ice as “Ling of Mahadev.”  With the decrease in moonlight the trickling of water also stops and the mass of ice also melts, and during the nights when moon does not shine, there is no trace of freezing. It is said that it takes shapes every month in this manner and then it melts. But the European explorers however refute this version.

The Brahmans, the Sadhus, the Sanyasis and the Sosanals of India and the neighbouring regions visit the cave for pilgrimage on 15th of Sawan. Sudhi after undergoing great hardships. (Presently the yatra to Amarnath is being organized by Amarnath Shrine Board as there is lot of rush of general public from  outside Kashmir,)

  • Bazarhui Cave:

It is in Butu village in Pargana Khuihama on Aham mountain adjacent to the shrine of Sung Bibi Sahiba. It is a long cave and no one has seen its extreme interior. From inside this cave flows an old canal.

  • Kopewara Cave:

In Dachinpora Pargana there is a dark cave in Kopwara village and nobody goes inside it. It is said that Shaikh Zain-ul-Aabideen was meditating in this cave for some time.

  • Beerwah Cave:

Adjacent to the town of Beerwah, is a long cave and no one has seen its extreme end.

{Note:- With the availability of modern equipment and technology it opens a new chapter for explorers to investigate the unexplored caves of the Kashmir Valley.}

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