Kashmir- its characteristics: (Ref- Tarikh-i-Hassan written a century back.)


Kashmir- its characteristics: (Ref- Tarikh-i-Hassan written a century back.)

The beautiful valley of Kashmir is a delightful garden par excellence which has been referred as the paradise on earth by the eminent scholars, travelers and rulers, due to its scenic charm. The fact is that no other country of world is gifted with such natural features.

  • The climate of this country is invigorating. There is no need of fan in summer, and fur in winter, as the climate is quite moderate. The air here is from paradise, which brings life to people and remains moderate round the year and serenity of the pleasant valley keeps sorrow and grief out of one’s mind.
  • The water of this land of flowers, which flowing from the snow-clad mountains, lakes and springs, is always in motion through canals and streams. It is the elixir of life for people and irrigates the fields. How pretty the waters of this pleasant valley are for life resembling the face of one’s darling.
  • On the land surface of Kashmir from every side, including the banks of rivers, streams and springs, everywhere there is a green cover of vegetation, which presents a delightful charm.
  • The gardens of the land, the magnificent structures of the early kings and the systematic arrangement of canals, cascades, fountains, flower beds and the plenty of flowers and green meadows is symbolic and magnetic for visitors. There are beautiful flowers in the beautiful gardens of Kashmir.
  • The beautiful land is encompassed by innumerable mountains, which are scenic and charming. And with the grace of God, these evergreen forests are the source of fresh air and cool breeze all over the year.
  • The green margs of the hills with their fresh air are the pleasure resorts for the rich and the wise.

If you stay in the green pastures, hundreds of flowers may kiss your soul.

  • In this paradise, many types of orchards on karewas, hills, plains and desserts are bestowed with fresh and juicy fruits.
  • The cereals of many types are available in plenty, especially rice, which is the staple food of common people.
  • The mountains and the forests of this country are gifted with wild animals for hunting and people from Europe spend fair amount of money for hunting here and return with gifts for their friends in Europe.
  • The dreadful beasts and poisonous creatures i.e. snake, crocodile and scorpion are not confined to this part of land. A paradise is a peaceful place, where people live with peace and harmony.
  • The people of the country are very wise and skillful, and are superior than the skilled workers of other countries especially in Pashmina industry, in which no one can compete them in drawing and design. It is the dress of the rich and the noble people. The rich earn a big fortune in its trade. The people are also famous for their wit as well.
  • The scenic beauty of this country has no parallel with its majestic charm. Famous poets like Nizami, Sadi, Jamee and Ghani Kashmiri have all praise for the beauties of Kashmir.
  • As per the old Puranas and testaments, Kashmir has been the visiting place for Godesses, who often lived here leaving distinctive marks here.
  • The Islamic scholars and preachers also visited Kashmir to preach Islamic way of life. The shrines and the holy places are found in every corner of the valley.
  • Various scholars, writers, poets and essayists have adorned the beauty of this land of flowers which is really a paradise on earth. There are stories about the beauty of Kashmir recorded in essays and poetic language.

There are famous “masnavis” about the scenic beauties of Kashmir by Saleem, Kaleem, Qudsee, Khasali, Zaffar Khan Ahsan, Mir Allahi, Tugra, Urfee and Faizee.

Shaikh Shahab-ud-Din Sindhi says:

Kashmir for its noble inhabitants resembles paradise and Allah has promised a safe life for its people

Qutab records:

“ Oh Kashmir! You are really a paradise. In autumn, you are adorned with saffron and presents a glimpse of spring season. Thousands of flowers bloom in autumn in Kashmir. Oh Kasul why are you so crazy.”

Shah Jehan says: “Adam tasted wheat and was out of Heaven. I tasted barley water, Oh! My God send me to Kashmir.”

Tugrah records:

“At the time of death it was the last wish of the Emperor Jehangir, to be in Kashmir.”

Zaffar Khan Ahsan mentions:

“Never say Kashmir resembles China, the land of fairies. In short it is a Paradise on the earth.”

Qudsi says:

Every part of Kashmir is splendid in beauty. The waters of Lar place are very sweet.”

Faizee says:

“———It is the garden of Soloman and that of the people.”

Kaleem says:

“Ye Sky why are  you depressed. See, this is Kashmir. See the plains, mountains and the forests bedecked with flowers. See thousands of gardens are accumulated in one garden.”

(P.S: It is engraved on the entrance gate of Khanqahi Mualla Srinagar:

کان الکشمیر ساکینھا—-جنات عدن ھی للمومنین

قد کتب اللہ علٰی بابھا—-داخلھا کان من الاٰمنین

“The inhabitants of Kashmir live in the paradise that is meant for the believers,

It is written on its entrance gate, ‘whoever enters in it, is among the peaceful men.”)


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