The Kashmir Bridges:


The Kashmir Bridges:

According to Tarikh-i-Hassan, the Rajas in ancient times managed to develop thirty strong and smooth bridges on river Brht by adjusting the big boats fastened by ropes and chains, with a floor of big and wide planks over them, but all of them were destroyed during Zulchoo riots.

Afterwords during Salateen era, modern bridges were constructed in such a pattern that a wooden square box was prepared and the same made to drown in the river by dropping huge stones inside it and the foundation for a high bridge was laid. Next wooden boxes of rectangular shape laid over it and fastened with wooden nails. Over these wooden planks were laid and on the sides wooden frames as protection walls were laid, and in this way the first bridhe to be constructed was Ali Kadal. Then the Muslim Salateen laid 18 bridges over river Beht among which seven were in the city and the rest in the villages. At present (i.e. a century back when Hassan wrote it) there are only 13 bridges, while 5 are extinct.

During Salateen era, the above referred bridges would be destroyed by fire during riots and sometimes by floods. The rulers have made efforts to repair them every now and then.

These bridges are enlisted as under:

  • Khanabal Bridge——- near Islamabad–Span 66 yards, width 4 yards
  • Bijbehara Bridge-1041AH- Constructed by Darashikwa—span 100yards, width 6yards
  • Nainah Bridge ——-A Salateen structure, destroyed by fire during Chak riots.
  • Awantipur Bridge—-Sultan Haidar’s structure, destroyed during Chak riots.
  • Pampore Bridge-1045 AH- Shahejahan’s structure.
  • Panthachok Bridge-987 AH-Constructed by Queen Habba Khatoon, Jehangir reconstructed it, destroyed during Chak riots.
  • Amira Kadal-1188 AH-Constructed by Amir Khan Jawanshaer, span 134 yards, width 6 yards.
  • Habba Kadal-958 AH- Constructed by Habib Shah, span 97 yards, width one yard.
  • Fateh Kadal-906 AH- Constructed by Fateh Shah, span 88 yards, width 3 yards
  • Zaina Kadal-831 AH-Constructed by Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen, span 96 yards, width 8 yards.
  • Aali Kadal- 822 AH- Constructed by Ali Shah brother of Budshah, span 82yards, width 6 yards
  • Nov Kadal-1077 AH- Constructed by Noor-ud-Din Khan, span 75 yards, width 6 yards.
  • Safa Kadal- 1082 AH-Constructed by Said-ud-Din Khan, span 110yards, width 6yards.
  • Sumbal Bridge———Constructed by ancient Salateen, span 112 yards, width 5 yards.
  • Hanjin Bridge ———–Construction by ancient salateen in bad condition due to floods.
  • Sopore Bridge————Construction by Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen, span 214 yards, width 5 yards
  • Novrozpore Bridge-1222 AH-Constructed by Sultan Hassan, destroyed in war between Mukhtar-ud-Doula and Abdullah Khan.
  • Baramulla Bridge—– Its foundation is very old, Atta Mohammad Khan constructed afresh, span 146 yards, width 5 yards.
  • Gohalan Bridge——-It is an iron bridge constructed by Ranbir Singh at a cost of Rs. one lac, span 84 yards, width 7 yards.

At Khwaja Yarbal, Mar Canal takes off constructed by Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen, and there are following 14 bridges over it:

  • Naidyaar Bridge: Founded by Sultan Sikandar. Chowdry Mahesh repaired it for visiting backyard to Vetalenmarg.
  • Jogi Lankar Bridge- Constructed by Budshah.
  • Nowpora Bridge- Constructed by Iradat Khan.
  • Naid Kadal.
  • Bohri Kadal.
  • Saraf Kadal.
  • Qadri Kadal.
  • Rajwar Kadal.
  • Kawdara Kadal.
  • Gaw Kadal.
  • Dombah Kadal.
  • Sakedafar Kadal.
  • Ratapora Kadal.
  • Gandharpore Kadal.

Kawdara canal which branches off from Nala Maar, has three bridges over it.

  • Kohna Kadal
  • Buchh Kadal
  • Sohkoor Motah kadal

Tarabal Canal which after branching off from Nala Mar, joins Kawdara canal and falls into Khushalsar and Anchar. There are six bridges over it.

  • Ashraf Kadal
  • Tarabal Kadal
  • Merjanpore Kadal
  • Narora Kadal. It was constructed by Ali Shah.
  • Zoonimar Kadal. It was constructed by Noor Jehan. The water of the seven streams passes over the bridge.
  • Braiwaree Kadal. It was constructed by Zaffar Khan Ahsan

(All the bridges on Nala Mar and its branches are extinct with the filling of Nala Mar and its conversion into a motorable road.)

The bridges of Apple Canal:

  • Drugjan Bridge: It is the structure of Qazi Abul Qasim, who was famous as Qazizada. Below it is a strong gate, which closes and opens automatically during the rise and fall of water level. The people of northern side of city are safe from floods due to its construction.
  • Gowkadal: It is an ancient structure.

The Bridges of Katakul (which branches off from Beht at Shergarhi and again joins Beht)

  • Tankikadal
  • Kanikadal
  • Haji Rather Kadal
  • Bozaghir Kadal
  • Watal Kadal

The bridges of Doodganga stream:

  • Batamaleon Kadal
  • Pareet Kadal
  • Zanpah Kadal
  • Chattabal Kadal (All these bridges have only two pedestals)

Vetalanmarg bridges in Dal lake:

  • Chowdribagh Bridge
  • Doodphakree Bridge
  • Tulakhon Bridge
  • Ganee Kadal
  • Ontah Kadal (Nishat Bridge). It was constructed by Sultan and repaired by Chowdry Mahesh.

Khwaja Yarbal Embankment Bridges:

  • Saida Kadal
  • Nandpora Bridge
  • Aashabad Bridge-All these three bridges have been constructed by Abul Hassan Khan Bandey.

Dodarhama Bridge: It was constructed by Noor Jehan. It was destroyed by earthquake in 1243 AH.

Bridges of Shadipore Stream:

  • Naidkhai Bridge
  • Hartara Bridge

These were constructed by Sultan Budshah.


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