Islamic Productions Srinagar Kashmir (established 1983 AD/1404 AH)


The Institution of Islamic Productions Srinagar Kashmir was set up in 1983 in by Er. Mohammad Ashraf Fazili B.E.(Hons) , CEng(I),FIE, MIRC, MASCE R/O Srinagar, when it was found that the rays of modernization have penetrated so deep in the society that even the authenticity of Divine guidance is being challenged by our educated elite. A booklet describing the uninterrupted continuation of miracles of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)- an Urdu translation of a speech made by Dr.Rashad Khalifa, published in Lahore by Dr. Ahmad Rafiq in 1976 was republished as an answer to these elements and distributed free of cost. It started a chain of other publications to illuminate the general public on other topics, with the light of guidance transferred to us through Prophet (SAW) and his Sahabis (AS)and Awliya-Allah (QS) to this date. The mission should continue onwards for the guidance of future generations. Alhamdulillah we have been able to publish following  books, booklets,papers, most of which were distributed among people:

01) Mujaza Muhammadi ks Lafani Tasalsul (Urdu) 02) Bismilla-hir-Rahman ki Tafsir (Urdu) 03) Fazilat ki Raten (Urdu) 04) Hurmat ke Mihiney (Urdu) 05) Kashmit ke Chand Buzarg Alim wa Sufi (Urdu) 06) Janobi Hind mein Islam ki Ibtida (Urdu) 07) Baba Bam-ud-Din (Urdu) 08) Mujaza Quran (Urdu) 09) Let the World know (English) 10) The Truth (English) 11) Srinagar -the Suncity 12) Mumin Kamil ke Awsaf (Urdu) 13) Hamarey Aslaf aur Mashaikh-i-Kashmir -3 volumes )Urdu) 14) Margub-ul-Qaloob (Urdu) 15) Khwaja Habibullah Attar- mukhtasar sawanih (Urdu) 16) Fragrant Flowers (English) 17) The Pearls of Deep Sea (English) 18) Glimpses of Paradise (English) 19) Our Concern (English) published in USA 20) My Life Story  (English)-published in USA [ items 16,17,18 published by and available with] 21) My Reflections (English) 22) Awrad-i-Fathia (English) 23) Kibryat-i-Ahmer (English) 24) Dalail-ul-Khairat (English) 25) Qasida Burdah (English) 26) Hizb-ul-Bahar (English) 27) The Unchallenged Truth (English) { items 19,20,21,22,23,24,25,,26,27 published by and available with and} 28) Environment in Jammu and Kashmir (English)-{item 28 published by and available at Gulshan Books Residency road Srinagar}.The books under process are: Tazkira Salikin-i-Kashmir (Urdu), Salikin-i-Kashmir (English), Jhelum Valley Civilization. All these books nave been authored by Er. Mohammad Ashraf Fazili (Retd. Chief Engineer J&K State PWD)

About shahishaharyar

Chartered civil engineer,Fellow institution of engineers India, Member Indian road congress,Member American society of civil engineers, Presented over 70 papers in various seminars,published books over 36 on environment,history, sufi saints, genealogy,free lance writer, travelled in India and abroad.

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