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Parking problem


The city centre, from Dalgate to Lal Chowk to Jahangir Chowk, has been experiencing acute parking menace due to the absence of sufficient parking sites. In fact all the Building Permission cases of shopping malls have it recorded in their sanctions  that their basement floors would be reserved for parking of vehicles. However it has been observed that after the construction of the shopping malls, even the basement floor is converted into shopping spaces to earn more rent and premium, causing congestion of vehicles parked around the malls.
No subsequent check is exercised by SMC for such violation of norms. They need to exercise their powers to stop this gross violation of building bye laws. Provision of washrooms is another vital issue. There is a specified provision as per BSI standards for the number of toilets required for a particular number of shops in an area. It appears that the authorities are deliberately negligent towards human needs which should not be delayed any more. It is high time that sufficient number of toilets/washrooms are constructed as per design requirements and a maintenance staff is posted to look after their cleaning and supervision, besides earmarking funds for their regular maintenance including for those of the existing malls. It may need even acquisition of certain structures for construction of additional proper facilities with scientific ways of disposing the solid/liquid wastes.
Ashraf Fazili