Shajra Nasb of Er. Mohammad Ashraf Shah Sayid Fazili (prepared in UAE in May 2012)





MURRAH                                                                              ADI

KILAB                                                                             RAZAH

QUSSY                                                                             QURAT

ABD MANNAF                                                              RIYAH

HASHIM                                                             ABDUL UZZA

ABDUL MUTTALIB                                                NUFFAIL

ABDULLAH                                                                  KHITAB





5.                                                                   SHAIKH IBRAHIM(TABEEN)

6.                                                            SHAIKH ISHAQ  (TABATABEEN)

7                                                                                 SHAIKH ABUL FATAH

8                                                 SHAIKH ABDULLAH (WAIZ-I-ASGAR)

9                                                                                           SHAIKH MASOOD

10                                                                                 SHAIKH   SULAIMAN

11                                                                                  SHAIKH   MAHMOOD

12                                                                            SHAIKH NASIR-UD-DIN


14                                                                                         SHAIKH YOUSUF

15                                                                                          SHAIKH AHMAD

16                                                                                          SHAIKH SHOAIB

17                                                                                  SHAIKH ABDULLAH

18                                                                                             SHAIKH ISHAQ

19                                                                                         SHAIKH YOUSUF

20                                                                                 SHAIKH SULAIMAN

21                                                                            SHAIKH NOOR-UD-DIN

22                                                                             SHAIKH RAFI-UD-DIN

23                                                                             SHAIKH HABIBULLAH

24                                                                                 SHAIKH ABDUL HAI

25                                                                     SHAIKH ZAIN-UL-ABIDIN

26                                   SHAIKH ABDUL AHAD SIRHINDI FAROOQI




            SHAIKH ISMAIL BUKHARI AHMADI (migrated to Kashmir)

31                                                           SHAIKH INAYATULLAH AHMADI

32                                 SHAIKH MOHAMMAD SIDDIQULLAH AHMADI

33                                                                                   HAFIZ AHMADULLAH

34                                                                                        HAFIZ WALIULLAH

35                                    HAFIZ MOHAMMAD SHAH QADIRI CHESHTI

36                                    HAFIZ MOHAMMAD HABIBULLAH AHMADI


38                               Er. MOHAMMAD ASHRAF SHAH SAYID FAZILI


40                                                                         AFRAH FAZILI   AMBAR    WAMIQ




01)      SHAIKH MOHAMMAD MOOMIN SHAH SAYID ( a   pious man  and direct disciple of Baba Dawood Khaki ‘RA’’-d. 994H). A Shajra Mubaraka of Silsila Qadirya, Chishtya, Shazlia, Madiniya and Naqshbandya as hand-written manuscript given by Shaikh Abdul Haq Muhaddis Dehlavi (d. 1052 H). to Allama Haidar bin Feroz Kashmiri (d. 1057 H) and Shajra Mubaraka –a hand-written manuscript of Shaikh Muhammad Murad Naqshbandi in Qadirya, Kubravia, Chishtya and Naqshbandya silsilas on 14 pages written by his disciple Kh. Mohammad Azam Dedamari has been found in our family possessions, besides Awrad of Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakaria Multani (RA) (d.666 H)- a hand-written manuscript of over 300 pages pertaining to Silsila Suhrawardya and a manuscript stating burial of Sayid Baqir of Iran in 655 H at village Thune in Wussan Kangan area of Kashmir, who was accompanied by 1200 Sayids who spread in various areas of Kashmir.; another manuscript of Shahi Firman of Aurangzeb Mughal king appointing Mubariz Khan as Governor of Rahimabad, and Shaikh Gayas-ud-Din as Qazi of Daulatabad, Shaikh Baqir as Kotwal and sanctioning a grant of 300 bighas of land at Allahdadpore to Shaikh Abdul Gaffar. There was also a  manuscript travalogue of Central Asia written  by a contemporary of Moulana Abdur Rahman Jami of over 200 pages but with no beginning and end covers. This has been got preserved in Allama Iqbal Library Kashmir University Srinagar.

His son:

02)       SHAIKH MOHAMMAD ALAM SHAH SAYID ( disciple of his father and was married to the daughter of Shaikh Hasan Kamraji the grandson of Shaikh Gazi-ud-Din of Khoihama Bandipora who accepted Islam on the august hands of Hazrat Sultan-ul Arifeen Shaikh Hamza Makhdoom mKashmiri (RA) and became the disciple of Baba Dawood Khaki (RA)

His two sons:

03)  SHAIKH MOHAMMAD SALIH  SHAH SAYID FAZILI (disciple of Shaikh Mohammad Fazil Zoonimari and also of his son Shaikh Mohammad Maroof. The Governor of Kashmir would come to pay his respects to him. One day the Governor brought a tray full of gold coins as a present, which Shaikh declined to accept and on his insistence Shaikh Salih lifted one coin with his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it and blood oozed out  filling the tray.  Thus it was proved that it is the blood of poor masses and hence not acceptable to the Shaikh. Shaikh Salih passed away at the age of 101 years. His brother SHAIKH MOHAMMAD MUQIM migrated to Khoihama  on the direction of his preceptor SHAIKH MOHAMMAD FAZIL ZOONIMARI and he was the founder of the Gamroo village at Bandipora. After 12 years of tiring worship, he married there and settled thereat. He lies buried near the entrance of the mosque which he got built at Gamroo. Glimpses of the spiritual experiences of the two brothers are mentioned in MAJMOOA MASMOOA auth0red by Pir Ghulam Rasool Shaiva, which was got published by me along with Urdu translation as second volume of my book “HAMARE ASLAF AUR MASHAIKH-I-KASHMIR”.. Shaikh Muqim’s son Shaikh Abdur Rahan was a great saint who settled in Wunagam Bandipora. (d.1242 H). He had a son who followed his father’s footsteps and his name was Hafiz Muhammad Mukhtar. Their progeny  is called ‘Ramanis’.

His son:

04) SHAIKH MOHAMMAD SABIR SHAH SAYID FAZILI-(a great pious man lived in Zoonimar and is buried there) His guide was Shaikh Yaqoob Chattabali uncle of Shaikh Fazil Zoonimari. He died at the age of 89 years.

His son:

05)SHAIKH MOHAMMAD TAJ-UD-DIN SHAH SAYID- His guide was Shaikh Abdur Rahman Wunagami The revenue records of the land settlement obtained by me, from the J&K Government revenue repository mentions the title of the dynasty as ‘PIRZADA SHAH SAYID’. TAJ SAHIB has been a great pious person who attracted disciples from Lahore, Amritsar and is reported to have relations at Lahore through his marriage there. A letter written by Mirwaiz Molvi Yousuf Shah describes how he was benefitted by getting a double amount of relief given to Kashmiri migrants, when the concerned commissioner came to know that Mirwaiz’s  mother  was the grand- daughter of Taj Sahib as the Commissioners  ancestors were disciples and even relatives of Taj Sahib.Taj Sahib passed away at the age of 95 years in 1396 H/ 1885 C and was buried at his ancetaral graveyard at Zoonimar..

His son:

06)  PIR ABDUL GANI SHAH SAYID SUHRAWARDY. He was disciple of his father and engaged himself in tiring worship. The private two storied mosque built in his compound at Zoonimar is still existing with two small rooms meant for individual worship. It is reported that once Gani Sahib went out of his room but directed his disciple not to step on the round straw mat on which Gani Sahib was squatting. However the disciple out of curiosity stepped on the mat and was found missing. On thorough search, he was found in a nearby biting grass called “Soy” with hands and legs tied down. On enquiry, the disciple said that the moment he stepped on the mat, he knew nothing about himself. Gani Sahib used to write books. He was a calligrapher. His one manuscript :TARIKH-I-AZAMI” of Kh. Azam Dedamari witten on Kashmiri paper was found recently from his descendants at Zoonimar. Besides a stone with following carvind in Arabic script is preserved by them “WAQIF WA BANI EIN BUQQA SHAH-I-SHAHARYAR AST”. Gani Sahib died in 1335 H/ 1915C and had four sons and three daughters. One of his daughters was married to Moli Rasool Shah Mirwaiz of Kashmir, who became father of Mirwaiz Molvi Yousuf Shah. The other daughter was married to Baba Nasr-ud-Din Diwani of Konan Bandipora, who was father of Pir Hakim Hisam-ud-Din Diwani. The third daughter was married to Pir Mohammad yousuf of Kaich Budgam. One of his sons Pir MUSTAFA SHAH SAYID  migrated to Wurapash Ganderbal on the directions of his preceptor “Rasool Shah Sahib”, whose shrine exists there. The other two sons namely Pir Mohammad Shah and Pir Rasool Shah lived in Zoonimar along with their families.

His son:

07) The fourth son PIR AHMAD SHAH SAYID migrated to Kalal Doori Nayid Kadal and had established a school for Arabic and Persian languages at Midroo Tral by the side of the shrine of Sayid Yousuf Jallali. Almost all the villagers  of this village have a sir-name of Shah  and the grave stones of five Sayids buried in the shrine are of unique carving. Pir Ahmad Shah later settled at Kalal- Doori and rendered the service of Imamat (leading the prayers) in a local mosque for about 30 years and taught recitation of Quran to boys and girls of the area. Pir Ahmad Shah was married in the family of Dedamari dynasty living at Kalal Doori and that was the reason of his settlement in the neighborhood of his in-laws. Mirwaiz Molvi Yousuf was having great regard for his maternal uncle and would often visit  to pay his respects to him. Pir Ahmad Shah died in 1943 and was buried in the graveyard of Kh. Azam Dedamari near the shrine of Baha-ud-Din Ganj Bakhsh Srinagar.Pir Ahmad was a great scholar and one of his students was a blind person to whom he had got memorized whole of Masnavi Moulana Rum. Pir Ahmad Shah used to obtain books from all the possible publishers of the time and his collection of about 300 books mostly in Arabic and Persian languages has been got deposited in Allama Iqbal Library for digitization and preservation.

His sons

08)PIR AHMAD SHAH had two sons, one was PIR GHULAM MOHAMMAD who lived extremely a simple life and earned his living through embroidery work toiling day and night and brought up a family of three sons and two daughters. One of the daughters was married to Pirzada Mohammad Amin Shah son of Pir Habibullah Shah son of Pir Mustafa Shah of Wurapash Ganderbal. The other daughter was married to Salam-ud-Din Bandey of Khalifa pora Khanyar. His other three sons namely Pirzada Ghulam Rasool , Pirzada Mohammad Yousuf and Pirzada Ghulam Ahmad have migrated to Soura. Pir Ghulam Mohammad Shah was also buried at the graveyard of Kh. Azsam Dedamari by the side of his father.

09) PIR MOHAMMAD YASIN SHAH SAYID was the secong son of Pir Ahmad Shah Sayid, who got initial lessons from his father and learnt some books from Molvi Husan Shah Wafai of Khanyar. Due to domestic compulsions, against his wishes  he could not continue his studies inspite of an offer from Deoband and Lahore as arranged by his cousin Molvi Yousuf Shah. He opened a shop of watch repars at Drugjan Dalgate and I remember, whenever I would accompany as a child with my father to the shop, mostly army officers used to stop  their vehicles near our shop to get their watches repaired. Later the shop had to be abandoned due to some serious sickness of father and he took to other trade of dealing with Pashmina. I remember father returning from a trip to Lahore and Rawalpindi before 1947, when I was of about 4-5 years of age.After some time father again opened a watch repair shop at Habbakadal, which was ultimately closed. He later took to accounting work of the units of Govt. Arts Emporium, which too was abandoned after our migration to Bachpora. Father also performed the duties of Imamat for about 30 years at Kalal Doori and also got revived an old abandoned mosque called JAHAZ MOSQUE at Kalal Doori. He also taught Quran to many boys and girls of the area. It was all the persuasion and interest of my father and mother that I learnt Quran at a young age of five years and they  took great care in my schooling in a nearby Govt, School and then SP College. Credit goes to my parents for taking the risk of sending me as far as Tamil Nadu for Degree Engineering training, in spite of the fact that I was the only survived child out of five births and it was after grant of their prayers that Allah had been kind enough to them, for which they were ever thankful to Him and paying extra care to me. My father was earlier married to Sarwa Bano daughter of Pir Sad-ud-Din Diwani of Konan Bandipora, but unfortunately, she had not survived just after the birth of her first child namely Mohammad Shafi, who too passed away after some time. His second marriage took place in the family of Ahmadi Farooqi family of Gankhan known as Gadyaris due to their leading the prayers for generations together at Masjid Zain-ul-Abidin (Gadyar) Zainakadal. Pirzada Mohammad Yasin Shah passed away in 1407H/1987C and was buried in the newly acquired graveyard at Umerhair behind Bilal Bachpora.

His son:

10)Er. MOHAMMAD ASHRAF SHAH SAYID FAZILI. Born in Srinagar in December 1942, got educated from Govt Midlle School Nowhatta Srinagar, M.P. High School Srinagar, S. P. College Srinagar -Jammu & Kashmir University till 1959, degree engineering from Annamalai University South India; served J&K State as Assistant Engineer, Executive Engineer, Superintending Engineer, Chief Engineer, retired in 2000, but got reappointed till 2003. He worked in CIE Ltd. till 2008. Presently he is Consultant, Chartered Engineer, Fellow Institution of Engineers India, Member Indian Roads Congress, Member American Society of Civil Engineers , authored over a dozen books on environment, history and religion; presented over 50 papers in seminars; freelance writer; toured India and abroad.

His siblings:

11)Thanks to Allah who bestowed upon us  four children, whom we have been able to bring up with His grace and who live up to the expectations and who bear the standard of their ancestors, whose background one must know to arrest any diversions in which new generations get distracted to follow, resulting into their ultimate repentance.

12)   (a)Daughter  Dr. Tawhida Fazili M.D. Lecturer GMC Srinasgar.

(b) Daughter Abida Fazili Education Department J&K Govt.

©  Son Gowhar Ashraf Fazili M.A.Phd. Delhi.

(d) Son Ar. Mohammad Irfan Fazili- UAE.

(Prepared by Er. Mohammad Ashraf Fazili)

12th May 2012 Sunday, Abu Dhabi UAE)

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  1. It is after consulting many manuscripts and screening the data available from many sources that this family tree (shajra nasb) has been compiled. I hope that those having a link and who want to build their own family trees will find it useful.