On Money and Happiness


Contentment is the greatest wealth one can cherish to have.

Banyan tree behind the beach

If money could buy happiness and wisdom, the rich people would have bought tonnes of these, but there is a Kashmiri saying: 'YAS KAN TAS NA SOUN TA YAS SOUN TAS NA KAN' meaning he who has ears has no gold and he who has gold has no ears. Similarly Sheikh Sadi Shirazi says in a parable, 'Don't presume the person possessing wealth to be rich, instead the rich person is the one who has a rich heart'.

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Chartered civil engineer,Fellow institution of engineers India, Member Indian road congress,Member American society of civil engineers, Presented over 70 papers in various seminars,published books over 36 on environment,history, sufi saints, genealogy,free lance writer, travelled in India and abroad.

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