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Please refer the article ‘ No Caste barriers’ by Syed
Mukhtar Andrabi  that appeared in your
daily dated : 07.07.2011. In this connection I would forward the translation of
the Preface written by Late Maulana Fitrat Kashmiri on my publication: HAMARE
ASLAF AUR MASHAIKH-I-KASHMIR-three volumes. This throws further light on the
subject which is much talked about by the common people.

I quote: “Undoubtedly Islam is the only
perfect single religion brought by the benefactor of humanity (PBH), which has
besides freeing forever the necks of people from the chains of polytheism,
infidelity, hated traditional customs, doubts and superstitions also left no
space for discrimination on the basis of creed, color, pride and prejudice.

‘An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab and vice versa;
also a white has no superiority over a black and vice versa except by piety and
good deeds. All mankind is created from Adam and Adam was created out of dust’-

The Holy Quran says: ‘No one will be asked about his
lineage, to which nation or dynasty does he belong to on the day of reckoning.’
Again ‘He is the one honored who is most God fearing’

But it is felt here that there is need to contemplate to
understand the spirit of these Ayat. Allah Himself says: ‘I have classified you
in tribes and groups, so that you can be identified’- that to which tribe or
mine you belong to. Here we need to ponder for a moment to understand the
secret of the nature of creation. It is an established fact that ‘things can be
identified by their opposite beings’. Unless we taste a bitter object, we can’t
know the taste of a sweet edible. ( Even Allah had to create Iblis to manifest
Himself among the creation.)

The true explanation of Quran is understood by the Hadith of
Prophet (PBH), who says ‘Allah has created mines of gold, silver, copper etc.
in the womb of earth and every mine has a different physical and chemical
property of its own. Similarly there are mines in the chain of human beings, so
to recognize a particular mine one has to keep one’s eyes open for its
identification with respect to its opposite object, thus differentiating bitter
from the sweet taste. It is an established fact that the progeny of a well bred
horse proves to be of identical nature, that is why the Arabs used to remember
the lineage of their horses too.

The recent scientific discoveries also reveal that the DNA
of each individual carries a complete record of his ancestral lineage besides
other details. Thus the nature of a human being is unchangeable and the
identification of natural identity of human beings is perfectly in keeping with
the Allah’s will.

The history of nations is witness to the fact that all the
prophets belonged to the respectable families. The Prophet (PBH) himself said:
‘The respectable people before conversion to Islam continue to command respect
even after conversion, because they are endowed with ‘Jawahr-i-Qudsiah’ i.e.
geans of piety.

Again ‘Adam was
selected out of all human beings’, Allah says ‘ we have honored Adam’ and
Prophet (PBH) said: The tribe of Qureish was elevated from the sons of Adam and
Bani-Hashim was selected from Qureish and I was selected from Bani-Hashim.’

Besides Allah has fixed different grades for different
prophets, ‘Tilka rasula faddalna badihim ala badin’ Hazrat Sheikh Ali Muttaqi
(RA) says: ‘The faculties of father are inherited by his son, though he may be
disobedient due to human weakness.’

Prophet (PBH) says: ‘My lineage will never break’, that is
why his wives were ordained to be haram for the Muslims. These facts testify
that the striving for identification of one’s mine is not in vain. In the
process it is possible that we may also get identified. ‘One who understands
his self can understand God’. If one does not become equal to them on following
their footsteps, one should still continue to strive, so that one finds the
real path to tread in the process.

Khwaja Naqshband (RA) says: ‘I am moved to tears when I look
on my deeds, but I feel overjoyed when I see to whom I belong to.’ Hazrat Saadi
Shirazi (RA) says: ‘I heard that on the day of reckoning Allah will forgive
many sinners because of pious people.’ It is the history only which reveals
about the good deeds of the pious people.

’ Allah says: ‘In Prophet (PBH) there is a good example for
you to follow.’ Thus the Prophet (PBH) and the pious people are an example for
us to follow. ( Allah teaches us to pray: ‘Show us the straight path. The path
of those on whom Thou have bestowed Thy Grace Those whose (portion) is not
wrath and who go not astray.’). So it is incumbent upon us to search for such
people to be followed upon.

It is only their biography recorded in history that reveals
their good deeds which can be followed or a desire to follow can be aroused
among us. Such persons who follow can be the true progeny otherwise there is a
danger of getting misled if we forget our ancestors. The other practisers can
also achieve their objective like the ones who belong to the particular
lineage. The prophet (PBH) said: ‘ All God- fearing people are my progeny.’

To boast of ancestors empty handed and to say: ‘Padram
Sultan bood’- ‘My ancestors were kings’ is utter foolishness. Thus the author
of this preface- Maulana Fitrat Kashmiri himself says: ‘Don’t sell the dried
bones of the ancestral lineage. If you are of sound mind, then be practical.’

Hazrat Ali (RA) said: ‘I am the son of my caste. I am the
crop of my physical deeds.’ Again ‘Man’s stage is measured by his knowledge and
etiquette and not by his wealth and lineage.’ enquote.

Er. Mohammad Ashraf Fazili FIE.


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