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Class of 1978

Man has to learn from cradle to grave, so there is no end to learning. Khwaja Naqshband (RA) says: knowledge is of three kinds: books,-this is a perishable-a book written gets destroyed with passage of time and many forms of knowledge have perished like that; the second form of knowledge needs verification- but this too is not dependable- as today you say that the sun is stationary but next day you fimd it in motion; the third form of knowledge niether needs books nor verification. It is transfered from person yo person and this is the real form of knowledge, which takes one near the source of knowledge. A person reaches its climax when he says 'I know nothing' as it is like a fathomless deep ocean. Khwaja Naqshband (RA) says that he can talk to a person who has died many years back or who is many miles away i.e. travelling through time and distance and that this is the lowest stage of this knowledge. The highest stage is the 'Miraj'.the 'miracle of ascension' performed by the prophet 'Mohammad (PBH).

So there should be no end to the competitivity in attainment of knowledge.

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Chartered civil engineer,Fellow institution of engineers India, Member Indian road congress,Member American society of civil engineers, Presented over 70 papers in various seminars,published books over 36 on environment,history, sufi saints, genealogy,free lance writer, travelled in India and abroad.

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