My visit to Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi


It was on Friday 24th December 2010. On the first siam.te from outside you feel that another Taj Mahal with a different combination of small and huge domes of milky white marble has been constructed. The outer area is encircled with wide macadamized roads leading to underground parking of cars with green turf lawns between the road and wide water tanks all around the mosque periphery. The tanks are lined with blue  small sized tiles. From the underground parking  escalators leads you to the courtyard of the mosque, which is surrounded by covered areas on the three sides borne on marble pillars with flower designs engraved on all sides filled with colored marbles giving a thrilling joyous look. The courtyard floor is also paved with small cut pieces of marble got from the wastage with huge flower designs of deep colors. The front mosque has a central dome resting on four supports rising from the mosque floor each support comprising of four huge circular pillars bedecked with flowers with a marble jail work on the undersurface of the dome and a huge chandelier perhaps the world’s costliest one. There are two more identical domes of a smaller size on either side of the central dome with similar supports and floral designs. The mihrab has Allah’s names inscribed on pentagon flower designs with carvings of flowers that are lit up from behind the wall and present a look that cannot be described in words or photographs. The floor carpet is without an apparent joint and has a matching bold flower design. This entire structure has arrangement of focusing of lights from outside with blazer lights carried on standind towers all around. The minarets rise above the dome heights adding to the glory of the mosque. The Friday prayer inside the mosque was a unique experience giving a feeling of the presence of Allah and the angels around. The sermon of the Imam was in eloquent Arabic and most of it could be understood though in Arabic. The discipline was of par excellence. Outside the mosque on the north side lies buried the Sheikh Zayid in open courtyard where a small domed structure accommodates persons reciting Quran to bless the soul of the erstwhile Emir. The maintenance of this huge establishment is ensured to its perfection. I wish that all people find an opportunity to see this recent marvel on earth created by the late Sheikh Zayid who welded the 7 emirates in to one United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has changed the face of the country to the most planned, organized, cleanest, modern and an artificial paradise.There are no taxes imposed on people.

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