Physical body is a means to acheive spiritual bliss in the long run.


We are on a long unending journey and are here as if to take a rest under the shade of a tree. We have come empty handed and have to leave this world likewise so why to accumulate wealth.


If accumulation of wealth would be worth some honor, then all prophets and saints would have chosen to be wealthy. A person must live a happy life within his means and also earn something for the future life by his good deeds besides fulfil rights of his Creator and his fellow creatures. There is no end to human wants. 'If a person is given entire world, he will demand another one, if he is given seven worlds, he will demand an eighth one'. Moulana Rumi says 'man is made of dust, eats out of dust and mingles back into dust. He has no time to prepare for his future everlasting life and remains busy in worldly affairs like eating, dressing, house building, marriages etc. When the last hour approaches, he realizes his purpose of life, but he has no time to act then. In fact his physical self was gifted to him to make his everlasting spiritual life a blissful life'. It is only very few lucky people who realize these hard facts well in advance and act accordingly.

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